Many of R Barrel Horsese horses are bred, raised and trained by our farm.

Ryann Pedone Barrel Horses
Ryann w Horses
 We want to show you the quality of our broodmares, their offspring and the quality studs we are using to produce quality horses that mix work and speed to make premier barrel horses.   Please study our pages and look at our mares, yearlings on up to finished horses.

*=R Trained, **R Bred & Raised, ***R Bred, Raised and Trained

We are working as hard to make our horses the best! Let us know how we can help you.

Event Run Win

Streakin Queenie 8/12/19 14.734 for the win and new arena record at Aubrey TX



Event Run

Johnny Reb Jackson 8/12/19 Aubrey Texas (to the left)