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2018 Old Fort Days Futurity and Derby in the books -

2018 Old Fort Days Futurity and Derby in the books -

Laying here with my two little dogs, allows me to reflect on this 2018 OFD futurity and derby! Each year I learn something new. I always find something to improve on for the next year:)
It was great seeing Janet Bennight Staton win the futurity, and who doesn’t love it when Brandon Cullins wins the derby on a horse like AConnerstone! It is great to see horses that were winners as futurity horses, win in the Derby with different riders! It is a wonderful thing to see a friend like Janna Beam Brownwin fifth in the derby on a horse that many trainers would have culled, yet Janna took the time and allowed the mare to come into her own! It was a great thing to see My friend Andrea Cline look so healthy again and run a gorgeous run in the futurity finals! There are so many exciting things to experience at Ft. Smith.... everyone who works hard and try’s, I believe will have their chance! 
Some of my horses came unraveled a little, some of my horses worked pretty solid, just little baby growing step mistakes, and then some gave me all they had...... it is what a trainer does, we try to cultivate the positive and weed out the negative with our colts. We try to think for the next run. It is a constant cycle and battle in a trainer’s mind.

Streakin Queenie has to learn how to handle the pressure and excitement of the finals, however this year we at least left the barrels standing. She ended up 18th in the derby.
Feel the Sting gave me 100%, and I can’t fault him a bit. He ended up 6th in the derby!
Turn N With Ease is coming on, however not quite there yet, however he didn’t embarrass anyone:). He ended up 25th.
Elmers on Fire was really putting a nice run together, until turn three 🤷🏻‍♀️....time to regroup. He was draw number 35 and he ended up 35th in the average.
Coco Bongo did great. We missed our first, however I feel like she is getting so confident. She ended up 23rd.
So, I take the good, fix the bad, and congratulate all the winners! 
Until next year Ft. Smith! 
Thank you to all the sponsors, the people that worked at the gates and set up barrels, the producer of this great futurity, and Ross Harrington and Ava Claire Johnson for busting your booties for me all week! I was soooo happy Jody Green joined us today!

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Posted: 2018-05-20
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