Many horses I ride are bred, raised and trained by our farm.

 We want to show you the quality of R broodmares, their offspring and the quality studs we are using to produce quality horses that mix work and speed to make premier barrel horses.   Please study our pages and look at our mares, yearlings on up to finished horses.
We are working as hard as we can to make our horses the best! Let us know if we can help you in anyway.

Ryann Lee Pedone
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Classic Equine, Martin Saddles, Jeye Johnson

I would like to Thank the following people for care of my horses, keeping my spirits lifted and believing in me to train these horses.

Thank you Dad for always believing in me , Sara for having the bus stocked with healthy food, Mom and Ronny for errands and dog care, Jolene Jones for my website, Lisa Downs for great care of the horses and working so hard, Celsey Rater for traveling and working at the big shows, Dr. Don Lee and Dr. Cliff Honas for keeping my horses at the top of their game, Kimmi Byler at Horse Swim, Sid Meyers for your farrier skills, Jeye Johnson and Classic Equine for the wonderful sponsorship and the great products.
Thank you to all my owners, Janie and Jimmy Shoppa, Jeanette Nelson, Lisa Fulton, Ro Clifton, Kathy Rape, Sondra Blair, Charlie Kendall, Bob and ReVae Barthle, The Ashley Family (Sean, Stephanie, and Erika), Yurko Family, T/A Ranch Inc, Jason Martin & Charlie Cole, Tracy & Jody Henderson. It is a pleasure to ride for people that believe in me.
Ryann Lee Pedone