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2020 BFA Wrap

2020 BFA Wrap
Thank you to all the people that come together year after year to put on big races for the trainers to compete for great prize money! The weather was great; I was so grateful to go home with some money.

I owe a huge thank you to Jodee Miller, Jayme, my brother, Lee Pedone, my mom and Ronny, and all my futurity friends that came to the NFR party they threw me. I am not a big Party goer, and my brother was able to get me up there to attend it.

JS Milo and Stitch won the High Rollers race, and I am forever grateful for Jennifer A Fite for allowing me to ride her unicorn 🦄, and I appreciate Janet Bennight Staton for being so encouraging about me riding the big boy.

Pressured by Destiny and I were fortunate to win fifth in the second round of the futurity, 10th in the average, and 2nd in the FF round!
We were so pleased with how Lance Powers sale prepped our baby, and I wish Casey Mathis the best of luck with that gorgeous boy!
Friday night I made a quick trip down to NRS to run a couple of horses prepping them for Arlington, and French Zone worked so smooth. Thank you Ron and Patty Pollard Ralls for all your time helping me out!

Thank you Cindy Orsbun Arnold, Alan Moorhead, ground crew, Charlotte Overton, and everyone that comes together to make event run so smooth!
Thank you Natalie Berryhill for all your help during the week, and Jody and Tracy Henderson for hauling horses up to Guthrie for me!
Thank you to all my sponsors! Driven PCR, Martin Saddlery, #classicequine, Shefit, #bootcampaign, mactruckdfw, #xxequine, HorseSwim.com, #mag44, #oxygen, #platinumperformance, Purina, and #dragqueenarenatool.
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