Add A New Horse
In many cases you do NOT need to add a horse in order to list a horse for sale. If the horse is already on your website go to that horse, click update and update the sale status to 'For Sale'. (you may also change sale status to sold or personal)
Post Horse Pics N Videos
Horse Pics N Videos will post to specified/tagged horse's timeline as well as to your news feed. Timeline for Feel The Sting.
You may also tag multiple horses for your event higlight posts. Event Highlights Example
Post News & Announcements
Post Shout Outs, XX Equine News, Announcements....

The tools icon Admin at the bottom of each page of your website will bring you to this page where you can choose to add a horse, create a horse post or post general news.

You also have edit and add links at the bottom of each post and horse page.

Update Existing Content

You may updated your horses by clicking this icon under their listing. edit

Update your horse posts and news posts by clicking 'View Full Post" and scroll to the bottom of the post and click edit.

The update horse postupdate icon also appears next to many of your horse posts for easy access.

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